Patio Shade Is The Solution For People

Patio Shade Is The Solution For People

When we were in the garden of our home page, in addition we need another property such as chairs, tables and much more, of course we need an object that can protect us from the sun or rain with so we can still be located in the park and enjoy it. Patio Shade is one way to protect us as put in the shade in the garden area. In addition this also can be made as additional property in our garden which can certainly add value to the beauty of the park.

Patio Shades Naturally

Patio Shades Outdoor

Patio shade is the solution that many people choose to complete the decoration of his garden in addition to being a solution to be a roof as protection from rain and protected from sunburn in time during the day. It also could be a step that the conditions surrounding the park we looked noticeably cooler in view by the eye. Patio shade many have a variety of forms, forms that we often encounter is in the form of a gazebo or some sort of house made of wood which was given the blinds and roof made of dried plants such as wheat and rice. The size of the shade house no more than 2 x 2 meters because it is used only by a few number of people. There is also a patio shade made of wood or plastic pieces which in pairs are usually attached to the wall to protect the plants below will be followed in order not to die when exposed to sunlight throughout the day.

Patio Shades Simple

Patio Shades Wooden

In addition there are using a pole or a tree trunk as a pedestal so that the shade can stand upright. Here are tips that you can do for your shade. For those of you who like plants, flowers and gardens, you can create media for your garden as well for your shade, ie by creating a hanging garden. Here you only need four rod or pole as a prop hanging your garden. Then you attach a rope or twine box resembles a chess board with the size according to your measure. After that you proceed with plant tendrils that can be spread so that the plants will propagate in a rope or thread that you post.

Patio Shades Deluxe

Then it will look cool shade and wide when we are below it. It will look like a soothing eye green hallway. These tips you can apply not only in the pole you proceed with thread, but you can achieve with the help of the walls of your home that may have a design that has the potential to be used as the container or the media to create a hanging garden that you want to fit your Patio shade dream.

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