Mediterranean Living Room Design

Mediterranean Living Room Design

Mediterranean living room design – Mediterranean style comes from the southern Europe countries which situated near to the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean style living room has its own characteristics. Italian, Spanish and Greek interior designing influences are common feature in the Mediterranean interior decorations. Natural and warm atmosphere is the main two attributes that can see in the Mediterranean style living room. If you like to design your living room according to the Mediterranean living room style you should need to be familiar with the characteristics of it.

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Common feature of Mediterranean living room

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Coastal regional influences play a very important part under this style. One very common feature of Mediterranean living room is the textured walls. You can use different sort of techniques to add different texture looks to the living room. Rustic look is needed to convey through the walls. Natural color tones would be the ideal colors to the walls. Cream, white blue and green colors will perfectly match with this style. There are different sort of options that you can follow to add texture look to the living room. You can use contrasting paint colors to add boarders. If you place wallpapers on the walls you can use contrasting color to draw outlines.

Mediterranean Living Room Design

Another technique is you can use sponges when you painting the walls. It will help you to give texture look to the living room. You can use different brown colors to this task. It will provide texture look while maintaining the naturalness. Always give priority to natural earth tones when you panting your living room. These colors will provide both warmness and natural look to the living room which are the prime attributes of Mediterranean living rooms.

Furniture is very important part of a living room. When you selecting furniture you need to give attention to the Mediterranean theme. Large size upholstered furniture is common part of this style. Most suitable upholstery colors would be the gold, orange and yellow related colors because Mediterranean styles tend to add jewelry colors to the furniture. It is better if you can choose furniture that is low to the ground .Try to pick up pine furniture to add more rustic look to the living room. Arrange the furniture as groups. It’s also a part of the theme. If you can select the furniture with both wood and iron it will increase the Mediterranean look of the living room.

Mediterranean living room design

Decorative accessories of this style also consist with significant characteristics. Iron accessories are commonly use type to decorate Mediterranean style living rooms. You can use monuments which have made from iron. You can add iron frames for wallpapers to give more rustic look. Knitted tapestries and wallpapers are common feature of the Mediterranean living rooms. Those accessories provide more natural look. Grouping concept is very significant attribute of the Mediterranean living room. Try to hang tapestries and wallpapers as groups to give that look.

Textured wallpapers and tapestries are very much suitable to this theme. But if you have heavily textured walls do not add textured wall declarative. If you overdone the texture look it will create unpleasant eye appeal. Woven throws and rugs can use to add more glamor to the surface. Remember to place at least one woven rug because it’s an essential part of the Mediterranean living room.

Mediterranean living room

Natural look of the floor is very important for this theme. So always keep in mind to give natural look to it. If you want to add tiles pick up natural colors that provide the rustic look. Stay away from shiny tiles. It will completely change the overall theme. Transparent sheer curtains are the best widow treatment for this style. If you add dark colored curtains it will violate the theme. Focus on light colors when you selecting the window treatments.

Influence of Mediterranean living room

Mediterranean style living rooms are highly influenced by the different cultural values of the countries like Italy and Spain. If you want decorate your living room according to the Mediterranean living room style it always better to flow these steps.

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