Living Room Paint Combination Options

Living Room Paint Combination Options

Living Room Paint Combination Options – Paint is an excellent way of giving rooms beautiful looks instantly. Using one color in the living room can be monotonous and quite boring. In order to add vigor to the living spaces, using a combination of colors is a good idea that adds depth and texture into the room. There are various ways of using the living room paint combination for an attractive look. Some of the great places in the living room where paint can be applied are ceilings, walls and even trims. The trick is to use matching colors or those that contrast depending on the effect homeowners wish to create in the living room.

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A combination of paint colors such as dark gray, pale blue and light gray in the living room is very attractive to elegance into the room or even a touch of the Scandinavian living room design style. They also add a touch and feel of the sky into the living room. The ceiling can be painted in a stormy dark gray color and the lighter shade of gray painted on all wooden surfaces to tone down the effects of the color blue. In order to make the living room appear mature and lively, the darker color shades of paint are used.

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Living room paint combination

In order to add a feeling that is sedate while making the environment in the living room appears cool, a light blue paint color is used on one of the surfaces designated to be used for applying the paint combination. Since the shades of gray paints used in the living room are neutrals, the light blue color can be painted on the walls in order to provide a backdrop for other colors and items in the living room. Sophistication in furniture of various colors such as brown, taupe or even gray can be achieved by using the blue color shade which can be very artful.

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A combination of cream, gold and butter is also perfect for the living room. This living room paint combination adds sunshine and warmth into the home making them not just attractive but also elegant. The room also feels comfortable and cheerful hence perfect for resting. Though yellow color combinations work similarly, this combination is easier to work with. An enveloping atmosphere is created with the use of paint colors that are almost similar. The colors are used all the way from the floors that are wooden, through the walls and trims all the way to the ceiling.

Petal pink ceilings matched with a single pink sofa, moss green walls complemented with a moss green carpet or area rug as well as olive looks great in the living rooms. Another great color combination to consider for the living room is burgundy, berry as well as putty. Whichever combination one goes for, appropriate decorating accessories in matching or contrasting colors should be added in the living room.

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