Decoration Exterior Door Beauty Design

Decoration Exterior Door Beauty Design

Door is an item that can connect a building to the world. There are many type the door such as front door, back door, bathroom door, garage door, sliding door, etc. And the material from each door could be different. Like the bathroom door and the front door. But in this article we will talk about the exterior door for each door. Because every door has different exterior, so to make it more beautiful we need different decoration of it. Therefore in this article we will talk about decoration that nice for every door. Let’s go to the topic

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The decoration for the exterior door has been known for a long time. The decoration itself function so the door can be looked more beauty and has art. First we will talk about the exterior for the front door of a house. For those where you have the wooden front door with no glass on the door, you can small hang plastic flower on it. But for those who have the wooden front door but with the glass on it, we think that the best if you do not hang something on it. At the front of the front door, you can put some flower with the different kind of flower in the both side of the way in

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Decoration Exterior Door Simple

At each side of the front door, you can hang a lamp at the both side. For the back door of the house, we think that you can the same with the front door. For the bathroom door, the exterior door decoration that can make your door more beautiful could be put a nice flower sticker on it. And you can hang a painting about bathroom so that can make the exterior door more beauty. And for the garage door, we think that the good choice if you make the door has nice carving. And also the door is high enough so that nobody can see to your garage. For the handle of the door, we think that all of the door type will be looked nice if the classic handle is applied there. So from the article above we know that the decoration exterior door is very important. It will not decrease the function of the door, but it will make your door to look better. But however the choice is on you, so thank you guys for reading this article

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