Creative Bedroom Side Tables

Creative Bedroom Side Tables

Bed side tables of nowadays are not what they used to be. They are no more that dull little place where you keep an alarm clock, glasses, or a glass of water for example. They have evolved into artistic interior decorative pieces, able to stand on their own. Side table hunters, this one is for you! I hope that it can be an inspiration to create your own table furniture, which suits with your room interior architectural.

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Glass, wood, stainless steel, plastic and more unique materials are all used in making these unique side tables. The contemporary side table furniture designs featured in this list contain the work of some of the best minds in the modern industry and not surprisingly, they designed a beautiful balance of form and function. The practical thinking is now dominating in most of the designs, where you get more than one function out of a side tables, many designs are done with curves and bending so that they can hold various stuff, like the horizontal surface is used to put whatever you want like a cup, glasses, keys, watch, or whatever, while other parts can be used to store books.

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Colors only are now very eye catching where a side table can be made in two matching colors to give a bright look. All the designs are beautiful and don’t take much space so you don’t have to worry about this matter. One of the designs is like two tables overlapping each other that can be then separated to act as a side table and a movable table to put breakfast on it or your laptop for example. The ideas are numerous and each design offers various functions, so choose the one that gives you what you really want out of a side table and one that matches with the decorating style of your bedroom.

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